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High Performance Carbohydrate Fuel

Time to fuel your endurance for maximum results in performance!

  • Perfect for the athlete who endures grueling long workouts
  • Feel your muscles with a steady flow of high performance energy
  • Super fast absorption & muscle glycogen replenishment

The Highest Carbohydrate Performance Fuel is Here!

  • Proven enhanced endurance will have you feeling superhuman!!
  • Ultra fast carb loading & muscle glycogen replenishment!
  • All-natural electrolytes from pink Himalayan sea salt.
  • No artificial colors, gluten or banned substances, only the highest quality ingredients.

4 Stage-Carb Complex for unrivaled energy and endurance!

If you want to push harder in the gym, on the track or in the pool, you need to fuel yourself properly for results!

CARB-HP contains a 4 stage carb complex that replenishes your energy, greatly enhances your endurance while recovering faster from exercise.

Highest quality ingredients, gluten-free, no banned substances for nothing but pure performance.