Probiotic Supremacy 60 capsules

Probiotic Supremacy 60 capsules

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Probiotics – The Healthy Bacteria You Don’t Want to Kill ... Gastrointestinal complaints are a common cause of lost work days and visits to the doctor. Like millions of others, you may not realize that bloating, acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhea are not a normal part of your digestive process. Symptoms like these indicate an imbalance in your intestinal microflora that may lead to more serious disease.

Where Did All Your Good Bacteria Go?

Processed-Food Diet - A processed-food diet filled with refined flours and synthetic sugars deplete your natural gut bacteria and encourage the growth of candida yeast.

Caffeine - Too much coffee, tea or cola causes hyper-secretions in the stomach, which can lead to chronic gastrointestinal disease.

Antacids - Antacids interfere with your normal digestive process by inhibiting the release of necessary digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Tobacco - Smoking and chewing tobacco products depletes essential intestinal microflora.

Prescription Antibiotics - Prescription antibiotics do not differen- tiate between beneficial & harmful bacteria; they just eradicate everything!

Steroids - Corticosteroids destroy your healthy gut bacteria if taken over long periods of time.

X-Rays - Excessive use of X-Rays can also damage your intestinal flora. If you have these procedures often, your depleted gut bacteria must be replaced.

Fluoride - Fluoride has been proven to cause chronic gastrointestinal complaints due to depleted gut microflora.

Aging - The more mature gut will greatly benefit from probiotic supp

How do Probiotics Work?

Probiotics boost your immune system and protect you from viruses, fungus, bacteria, allergens, and chemicals by surrounding and neutralizing the offending substances. These good bacteria form a barrier along your intestinal lining, preventing viruses from passing into your bloodstream.

Prebiotics Work in Harmony with Probiotics

Prebiotics are non-digestible or partially-digestible food ingredients that encourage the growth and proliferation of good bacteria. These foods “team up” with the healthy bacteria in your gut to stimulate peristalsis (intestinal muscle movements), which improve your digestion and elimination naturally.

Foods highest in gut-healing prebiotics include: Garlic Onions Asparagus Leeks Burdock Legumes Broccoli Cauliflower Brussels Sprouts Cabbage Collard Greens Kale Chicory Jerusalem Artichokes The Dahlia Plant

TriStar Probiotic Supremacy – The Perfectly-Balanced Probiotic

TriStar Probiotic Supremacy is a perfectly-balanced probiotic you can trust. It contains varied probiotic strains to protect your health, boost your immune system, and treat your digestive problems encased in protective enteric capsules. Since the intestinal micro-ecosystem typically carries up to 400 strains of bacteria, it makes sense to use a product that provides a broad spectrum of viable organisms. Some suppliers claim that the probiotic strains can only work if given one at a time. There is no evidence that this is true. Single strain probiotics are sufficient for individuals with healthy digestion and a relatively strong immune system who just want a little extra boost. Most individuals, however, could benefit from multiple strains. After all, certain single strains do not have the near-magical properties that some advertising hype would lead you to believe. The best advice here is to consult the knowledge and experience of health care practitioners familiar with probiotics.


250 mg of L-Glutamine to remedy leaky gut

45 billion CFU input during production,16 billion CFUs guaranteed at expiry date

Balanced strains & potency for everyday use

Support digestive health

Fight Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Fight bloating & constipation

Strengthen immunity

Aids in weight management